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24hr Streaming Event for Charity - Sat 13th May
Starky 0 Comments · 5th Apr 2017
Morning All, 

Some of you will already know last year i took part in the Macmillan Cancer Support event called "Game changers" where i did a 24hr live stream while playing a range of games after my partners (at the time) mother had passed away with cancer. 

So this year i decided to run a second event and get a few more people involved (if possible). I am supporting two charities this time (Cancer Research and Games Aid).  The event will be taking place on Saturday 13th May starting at 9:00 GMT.  There will be people from my studio (nDreams), my Star Citizen Org (mostly from US and Canada), a few friend and hopefully some people from here joining in. 

We will be playing 7days as the main game (Profetzo has kindly said he'd spin up a server for us) as that worked out really well last time, but with maybe a few breaks with things like UT, Quake, Doom, MWO, someone even suggested Minecraft and ArmaIII. If you are likely to attend and stream can you please send me a link to your Streaming account so i can list them out. 

It would be a great help if you can share the Just Giving page  https://www.justgiving.co ... m/teams/Steven24hrGM to help raise some money on it. there are two charities listed "Cancer Research" and "Games Aid".  The second one is one setup by people in the Games Industry to help smaller charities that struggle to get donations or reach.  They mainly focus on charities for children

If you want to join in please let me know as i want to compile a list of who is attending and who will be streaming. 


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